How to Copy Selected Text Directly to Online Services

25 July 2011 By Sourojit

The most widely used functionality in Windows is copy and paste. We use it whenever we are in need to copy a text from one place and use it in another. This is a common scenario when people are working with documents, emails or on social networking and sharing sites like Facebook, Gmail, twitter, dig, stumble upon, reddit etc. Though copying and pasting things is hardly a noticeable task, at end of day we end up with dozens of places where we are doing the same task unnecessarily. Hence there is a lot of time wasted. This time can be reduced using a tool that can automatically manage this copy and paste task for us. is a small freeware Windows application. It pops up options when any text is selected and is copied using right click context menu or CTRL+C. Before using this application we need to configure it a bit.

Setting up is easy to use. Before using it right away, you have to select the services and applications with which you want to share the copied clipboard text. This includes Google search, Microsoft Word, Excel, Facebook, Gmail, Notepad, Yahoo mail etc. You can select these services just after the applications install or you can also do it from settings. Upon installation, it can be found in system tray just right click on the icon and go to options.

In settings you can select more services and also define appearance of the application. There are other options includes clearing cached credentials, using proxy server, view log files etc. When you have gone through these settings, you are ready to work with it.

Working with

As I mentioned earlier, it’s very easy to work with. You do not have to do anything special to make it work. Simply carry on as you used to work earlier. Select the text you want and use the copy function. When you copy a text, appears with the services you have selected. Now you can select the service from the toolbar.

This text will now be copied and put directly to the service you opted for. For instance we used it for Gmail and Facebook to share text from a Word document. To make things faster you can keep accounts on different services logged in. This will allow you to work directly without a stop to input your credentials.

With Facebook, for the first time you have to allow access to to post on our wall.

With Gmail or any other mail service, it will directly take you to the compose mail with the message body already there. is very effective in optimizing your time and save a lot of it. Particularly for people addicted to social networking and sharing stuff. It supports all versions of Windows starting from XP.



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