Google+ Desktop App for Windows

19 July 2011 By Sourojit

Google+ has gained popularity right since the moment it was launched. If you are addicted to it then things will be smoother if it can be accessed directly from windows desktop. Having a desktop client application is always better than opening a service from browsers. Specially on slow internet connections, desktop clients are the best to stay in touch. Now Google+ lovers can enjoy the same with GClient.

GClient is a freeware windows desktop client for Google+. Upon installation it resides on the system tray and requires your Google account username and password to work further.

once it is set, you can access Google+ account easily with almost all features present in web versions. You can view circles, photos, stream feeds etc.  You can also share posts with friend circles and add +1 to any comments. It also gives options to start with windows boot and delete cookies. This is a must try application for all Google+ lovers.

Download: GClient

Google+ Invite

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Khaja Gulam Eshtiaque Mohiuddin says:

Google+ , hope it will bring revolution social networking.

Khaja Gulam Eshtiaque Mohiuddin says:

Waiting for the Google+ invitation.

Shashank says:

Invite sent.

Victor Ekka says:

How can i join google+!

Venu says:

WOW! this is great. Google+ is advancing so fast.

Jatek Chhateja says:


Jatek Chhateja says:

still waiting for an invite of D awesum google+

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