Enable/Disable Show Desktop Button on Windows 7 Taskbar

25 July 2011 By Sourojit

Windows 7 allows us to perform many tasks easily. The user interface is easier and more interactive than the previous versions of Windows, the taskbar can be used for many productive works like pinning applications and webpages. Similarly for convenience of use, the taskbar also has a show desktop button at the right most corner. This button is of help at times but most of the time you may trigger it accidentally, hence sometimes the button becomes irritating. If you wish to get rid of this show desktop button, ShowDesktop Remover perfectly suits the task.

ShowDesktop Remover is an easy to use, freeware portable application for Windows. It helps you to hide or unhide the show desktop button. This application provides options like show Show desktop, hide Show desktop and hide show desktop on system startup. To make it work you just have to select the appropriate choice and apply it. Once the settings are applied the application can be closed.

Download: ShowDesktop Remover


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