Download Safari 5.1 For Windows And Mac OS X Snow Leopard

22 July 2011 By Varun


Apple has updated its desktop browser Safari to version 5.1. This latest version of Safari browser is compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows. If you are running the recently released OS X Lion then you do not need to update as you already have Safari 5.1 installed on your system.


Safari 5.1 change-log:

  • Reading List: Save webpages to it for viewing them later.
  • Multi-touch Gestures: Now use swipe, tap, pinch and 2-finger scroll to surf web.
  • Full-screen Browsing: Just like videos, enjoy full-screen webpages.
  • Privacy Pane: Provides information about the kind of data stored by a website.
  • Sandboxing: Run websites in a sandbox and prevents your system from malicious codes.
  • Private AutoFill: Automatically fills information in online forms.
  • Security and performance upgrades.

Download Safari 5.1 for Windows and Mac OS X from here

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