Download Microsoft Fix for Windows Aero Glass visual effects

27 July 2011 By Sourojit

One of the most beautiful features in the latest versions of Windows i.e Vista and Windows 7 is the Aero Glass visual effects. Sometimes due to many problems the Aero effect in Windows may be corrupted. This makes a prominent impression on display features like transparency, themes and many other visual effects that do not work anymore. In this situation not only the display looks bad but also many applications that require Aero to render their interface fail to execute.

If you are facing the same problems with Aero Glass Effects then you can tryout Microsoft’s fix for Aero Glass Visual effects. This fix solves the following problems.

  • A program you are running does not display the Aero effects.
  • Some Aero effects such as transparency are not displayed.
  • Identify if your video card doesn’t support the Aero required settings, color depth, or does not have sufficient memory to support some Aero effects.
  • Identify if the required Desktop services, themes and indexes are running or disabled in order to display Aero effects.
  • Identify if the current power settings do not support Aero desktop effects such as running on battery power.
  • Windows borders are not displaying Aero transparency

Download: Microsoft Fix for Aero Glass visual effects


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