Download and Upload encrypted files to Google Docs from Windows Desktop

27 July 2011 By Sourojit

For people working with a lot of files online, Google Docs is the best option to keep these files safe and organized. You can upload documents, music, image files etc. These files can be downloaded at later stage whenever required. Files can be uploaded to this service from the web browser without any trouble and with ease. But again for people with slow internet the web version makes things tougher, they may have to wait longer and try numerous times for the appropriate page to load. Now this problem can be easily solved by PowerGDocs.

PowerGDocs is a portable freeware desktop application for Windows that can upload/download files from and to your Google Doc account. Its interface is easy to use and you can start working as soon as you are logged in. After downloading the file click on “PowerGDocs.cmd” to start the application. Upon login to your Google account, you can view all the uploaded files to Google Doc and also avail upload of encrypted files.

PowerGDocs is efficient in its job and additionally it also provides a RSS feed reader. Though the interface is easy to use, it lacks the feature of resizing to full screen when application is maximized.

Download: PowerGDocs


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Les says:

Version 1.3 – Adds document update and local GDocs folder options. Needs a full PowerGDocs download and reinstallation.
Version 1.3.5 – Adds automatic login, saving of user options and multiple files selection for upload.

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