Working on an Android device without any Launchers installed on it sounds taste less. By default stock roms are boring with nothing much to do. Gradually it becomes tougher to manage more applications. Launchers like Go Launcher and Launcher Pro are already used widely by a lot of people. They are interactive and ease out many works with style. Still if you are not fully satisfied, then you can try Xperia Active Launcher. Continue Reading →

3D is the latest in-thing in the tech world. Everything from handheld consoles to LCD TVs and set-top boxes are moving towards 3D. As a result, many of us want to capture a 3D image ourselves but it requires a 3D-enabled camera which is a rarity for most of us. Luckily now we can capture a 3D image even from our digital camera, webcam, and even from our phone’s camera.

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System benchmarking is an important aspect. It keeps you aware of the present standing of your system’s hardware and their performance. Benchmarking on regular basis not only helps you to keep track record of overall system performance but also indicated when you must switch or upgrade your devices. The benchmarking statistics are specially of help when you can share and compare them online. Continue Reading →

When Windows works it access a lot of System files for its operation. These files are very essential for the smooth running of the Windows. Therefore Windows always wants to secure these files when it is running. So it makes these files protected. By this the Windows prevents any program to make any changes on them. This is done by WFP (Windows file protection) on critical system files to maintain stability of operating system. Continue Reading →

Google+ is the latest challenger to Facebook. While Facebook is still miles ahead of Google+, many of you would prefer to have accounts on both these social networking sites. And if you are one of those, and looking for a way to transfer your contacts, photos and videos then here is a way to get it done.

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Most of us like to access our frequently used applications and items with some shortcut. Creating them on the desktop was the easiest way long back. But then in order to have clean desktop the upcoming Windows versions like XP and Vista gave us the quick launch options. It was fine until Windows 7 came up. This had yet better option, the pinning of items on the taskbar. This is very useful as it gives us a way to launch them without much hassle. Continue Reading →

One of the most beautiful features in the latest versions of Windows i.e Vista and Windows 7 is the Aero Glass visual effects. Sometimes due to many problems the Aero effect in Windows may be corrupted. This makes a prominent impression on display features like transparency, themes and many other visual effects that do not work anymore. In this situation not only the display looks bad but also many applications that require Aero to render their interface fail to execute. Continue Reading →

Google+ has gained massive popularity in a very short time and its increasing every single day, this is when it is only available as closed beta, imagine when it becomes publicly available. If you are in love with it’s interface and want to have a feel of it on your Windows 7 desktop, then having a Google+ theme is the best thing you can do. Google+ theme for Windows 7 has eight awesome dark and colorful wallpapers that brings a lively feel to your desktop. Continue Reading →

Having owner contact information embedded into hand held devices is very vital. Specially when we are concerned about our android devices. Though there are many anti-theft applications already available for android, many people do not like to use them because at times they tend to make your device work slow and drain battery too. In cases like this you may want to simply display contact information so that your misplaced device can be returned to you. Phone Found – Owner Info is a small application that will help you do so. Of course this is not applicable when someone misplaces your device intentionally. Continue Reading →

For people working with a lot of files online, Google Docs is the best option to keep these files safe and organized. You can upload documents, music, image files etc. These files can be downloaded at later stage whenever required. Files can be uploaded to this service from the web browser without any trouble and with ease. But again for people with slow internet the web version makes things tougher, they may have to wait longer and try numerous times for the appropriate page to load. Now this problem can be easily solved by PowerGDocs. Continue Reading →

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