NGP Officially Renamed as PlayStation Vita

7 June 2011 By Shashank

PlayStation VITA

NGP(Next Generation Portable) which was revealed by Sony a few months ago, had fans excited over the exceptional features  that are truly worthy of a PSP successor. Now Sony has revealed the official name of the device at E3, 2011. It will be called as PlayStation VITA (it means LIFE in Latin). The VITA Specifications that were revealed previously were mostly accurate which makes it a dream device for gamers, dual analog sticks was one of the most requested hardware feature by PSP fans and VITA has it. The Quad core device will be available in two models, VITA Wi-Fi and VITA 3G, the latter one will be available exclusively though AT&T, price and release dates after the break.

PlayStation VITA Price

As we expected in our last NGP post, the price of VITA versions are:

PlayStation VITA Wi-Fi Price: $249

PlayStation VITA  3G Price: $299

PlayStation VITA Release Date

Both versions of VITA will be available in Q4, 2011.

PlayStation VITA Games

Many first party VITA titles are in development, some of them are Uncharted:Golden Abyss, Modnation Racers, LittleBigPlanet, Street Fighter x Tekken, RUIN etc.

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