Play Angry Birds Online [All Browsers]

22 May 2011 By Shashank


Angry Birds was recently launched for Google Chrome Browser that allowed for playing the game via Chrome browser. However, we have just discovered that Angry Birds can be played online from any browser by just visiting this URL: This is the same URL that Google Chrome browser uses after the app installation.

We have tested the game online on Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer and it works fine on all of them.

Enjoy Angry Birds Online:

Just visit from your browser.

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Marzan Chowdhury says:

Really liked this game

seema sinha says:

Angry bird is really one of the most addictive game that i have played recently.Thanks for sharing.

Mr. Cool says:

this is my favorite game too on the android, but in some levels it is very hard to get 3 stars 🙁

Ashrey Beecham says:

i cant play on opera. your information is wrong

Kevin says:

it’s a time killer, don’t waste too much time

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