Samsung Officially Announces Google Nexus S Launch in India

1 April 2011 By Varun


In the past 1 year or so, Samsung has launched a good number of Android smartphones in the Indian market. Samsung is now bringing Google Nexus S, another Android smartphone with some very decent specs. Nexus S was the first smartphone which got the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update due to its Google branding. So it is surely going to make its customers happy.

Google Nexus S is pretty much same when compared with Samsung Galaxy S. However, the former comes with a built-in flash for its 5.0MP camera. While announcing Google Nexus S, Samsung made it very clear that this smartphone is not going to have the same specs as that of US version, and as a result of that it will sport a Super Clear LCD display and not Super AMOLED, which can be deal-breaker for some. Samsung has priced Google Nexus S at Rs.30, 400, but some online retailers like FlipKart are taking pre-orders for Rs.27, 999. So are you going to get one?

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