How to Use PlayStation Eye as Webcam on Windows

17 April 2011 By Shashank

Playstation eye on windows driver -

If you own PlayStation 3, then there is high chance that you will also be having its accessory called PlayStation Eye which is used for playing PS Move games and for online chatting. However if you are are not playing PS Move games anymore and your PS Eye is biting dust, then why not use it as a webcam on Windows. PlayStation Eye has a better sensor than most of the cheap webcams available in the market and setting it up to use is really easy.

PS Eye as Webcam on Windows

  • Download this CL-Eye platform file on your PC .
  • Install the drivers, It would auto detect the Operating system.
  • Connect PS Eye to your PC.
  • Now run the program called CL-Eye Test from Start -> Programs menu.
  • It should be showing the live stream.
  • Now try any video chatting services like MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ChatRoulette etc, PS Eye should be working fine as a webcam.
  • That’s it, enjoy your new webcam.

Installing Playstation Eye driver CL-Eye on Windows:

PS Eye on Windows7

PS Eye Driver Windows7

Tested the CL-Eye driver on Windows 7, it is also compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

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andy says:

wow, this is cool, i never knew about it. thanks.

rom says:

thank you, i love playstation eye, chatting, games and now this. its amazing.

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