How to organize Music Files using Meta Tags

1 April 2011 By Sourojit

Meta tag is the sole important thing based on which all the media players categorises or arrange their files. So meta tagging is very crucial if any one wants a clean and meaningful library of tracks. But it often happens that meta tags that we get incorporated along with the files that we download are often very random or done in such a way that the when a media player wants to organize it the result becomes more haphazard. So normally people with huge music collection do not like to use any player for this reason, but as expected their entire collection gets messed up in the end and finding the right track becomes like finding a needle in a hay stack.

For people facing this problem there is this MP3 folder structure maker that can help. This is an application which organizes files based on creating a folder structure by editing meta tag information about artist, album, first letter, etc. With folder structure, you can also include original file name and title in resultant music file names} The another important aspect is that if you have files with bad meta tags then we can also find them easily and fix them.

To start using this application we need to manually add them to the list in the main window or drag them into the list. Once entered they are arranged in the order of  artist, title, album and full file name. If you select any file its entire details get displayed down in the window.

You will also see a button called “list bad tagged files”. When clicked, it lists down all the files with ID3, V1 or V2 tagging with an option to correct them. After this you need to provide the structure of folder and file. Also you can define the path of saving the net result once the work is over.

This is done by selecting option from “output directory”.  If you are over with all these settings then click on the start button to run the process. As the process finishes, you will be prompted to view log files for errors during the process.

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