Dolphin Browser HD comes with Hardware Acceleration Support

15 March 2011 By Sourojit

Are you are unhappy with the choppy display and lagging scroll of web browser in your Android device? Well, there is a good news for you. Dolphin Browser, one of the most popularly used android browser has launched a new version named Dolphin Browser HD.

This version of Dolphin Browser is built for devices using Android 2.0 and higher platforms. Dolphin HD now supports more features such as versatile add-ons, better HTML5 support, customizable bookmarks sorting, innovative UI, Download Directory changing etc.

Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) users will be mostly benefited by this version as it supports hardware acceleration and hence devices with big screen like the Motorolla Xoom can have the powerful browsing with crystal clearity.

Features Of Dolphin Browser HD

  • More stable
  • Additional 10 more actions to Gesture & animation in Gesture list
  • Refined interface of bookmarks side bar & bookmarks folder page
  • Refined interface of Settings page and adjust options’ order
  • Update select text: add magnifier & translation feature
  • Add action when long pressing blank area in webpage
  • Add Hardware Acceleration support for Android 3.0 device

Download: Dolphin Browser HD

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