How to Switch Internet Settings Easily in Different Networks

12 March 2011 By Sourojit

When we work on multiple networks and different IPs, Internet settings come into the picture, which are different for every network. So when one shifts from one coverage zone to the other, they are required  to change the IPs and a lot more settings. If you are using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 then it’s a time consuming and tedious affair because these IP, gateway and proxy settings are not readily shown by the Windows.

Hence if you are in a zone with coverage from multiple Internet service providers, you are required to change IP address, gateway, subnet mask, proxy server configuration, etc. every time you switch from one network to the other.

Free IP Switcher is software that that solves your problem of  manually switching Internet providers. It can automatically change all the required network settings like IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS, Wins server, proxy settings, etc. whenever you shift from one network to the other.

Using IP Switcher is a bit laborious in the beginning or the initial stages where you need to fill in the details. When you initiate the program, you will get a window where you will find different sets i.e. set 1, set2, set 3, etc.  In this window you first need to select the network adapter whose configuration to want to set. Then add the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS, Wins server, proxy settings, etc.  After this if you want this adapter setting to function, just click on the active button.

After completion of set 1, you can go ahead with filling the next sets. They may be configurations of your office network, home network or your outside client’s network. All you got to do when switching networks is go to this window and change the set and activate it. For example if your set 2 is client’s network and set 3 is home, then after your job/college is over when you come back home and wish to join the home network, what you will do is select the set 3 and activate it. If you are out of sets, you can always add new sets with custom name.

In some networks it is not even nessery to put in so much details. They automatically take IP, DNS, Default Gateway, etc. from a DHCP Server of the ISP. In these cases if you require to put proxy in Browser, it can be easily inputted into the sets.

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