How to Split PDF files Online

12 March 2011 By Sourojit

Working with office or college documents is a common scenario. While doing this we use many document formats such as doc, ppt, pdf etc. PDF files are more common when we are downloading books and research papers. It is more secure and portable compared to others. There are times when you might wish to split a pdf file consisting of many pages.

The need for this task arises when we are to make small parts of a big PDF file consisting of numerous chapters or pages. For instance you have a PDF book at hand consisting of 50 pages and want to split it into 5 parts each consisting of 10 pages each.

This task if done manually will require a pdf editor and lot of time sorting out pages. But if you are not having any pdf editor at hand and need to split a pdf file urgently then PDFSplit is at your help.

PDFSplit is a web service that can split a pdf file into several parts as desired. It is totally free and you do not require any registration or account to access it. Using this service is very simple and you can download the splitted files instantly from the site.

Working with PDFSplit

  • The first thing that you have to do is keep the pdf file at hand. Then open the service and upload the file. One thing that should be kept in mind that this service only allows to upload pdf files of size up to 10MB.

  • Once the file is added, you can select the split option with page number. This takes up a starting and ending page for each split.

  • By default it provides 1 split but it can be easily increased by clicking on the more button to access more splits. here you can put more page numbers.
  • If you wish you can also merge the selected pages into single files.

  • Once you are set with all options, press the split button to begin the process. The reset button can be used to bring back default page of the service.

Once the operation is completed the output files are automatically downloaded to your system. PDFSplit is fast and the processing is done almost in few seconds of upload. Do share your views on this web service.

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friend says:

Please Please Please mention the size of the file that can be split. Nothing is mentioned. Or if mentioned, it is not visible easily for a user. I wasted almost half an hour to know it. The maximum size it can split is just 10mb. There are hell a lot of tools that can split 20mb pdf files much faster than this. I don’t recommend this.

seert says:

who would want to split pdf files?

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