How to Schedule Facebook and Twitter Status Updates

19 March 2011 By Sourojit

We all love Facebook. And most of us like trying out different interesting stuff on or linked with Facebook. For some, being active on profile is very important. For others regular updates are important and some just wants to keep others informed of the latest happenings that are taking place in their lives.

There is yet another class of people who wants to promote or drive traffic from Facebook to someplace of their interest. So for this entire category of people above, Facebook is very important place. The most important thing in Facebook that directly draws the interest of the people in your profile to point towards your information is your Status Update. So it will be of real help if we can control when and what status updates are posted instead of personally logging in and making them. It is very useful for those who wish that their status is updated even if they are absent from the Facebook.

Laterbro is a special and free web service that will help us achieve all the above. Getting started with Laterbro is easy. We need to log in into our facebook profile first. Then go to Laterbro homepage. You will be asked to allow it to access your basic information.

You may feel insecure about it as it will take access to your Facebook profile’s basic information and wall publishing rights. But be assured that they don’t require or store your password.

After you have let them access your information they will request for your details about your time zone. It’s is asked only once and can be changed later if wished from settings.

Once the previous timings are set you will arrive to the window where you can place desired updates. It also has writing restrictions of 140 characters.

Below it will be the settings for your time of scheduling. You have to pick a date and a time from the calendar and clock provided. Then there is also additional option of repeating your update. The repetition may be daily, alternate days or weekly.

This tool is not restricted to Facebook alone.It is a free service that not only allows you to update your Facebook status but also your twitter by scheduling your updates.

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