How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files from Windows

17 March 2011 By Sourojit

Duplicate files are often a serious nuisance to most of us. They can be documents, images, etc. and are a burden on your hard drive space. So what all of us tend to do is to find them and erase them from the system. To do this most of us rely on conventional duplicate removers. But there is a serious problem with these types of remover. Normally windows create many self generated files which it uses in many occasions. And these removers erase all such kind of files also, hence a huge problem arise when running the system. So it is required that we select a remover wisely looking into its ability.

Dup Scout is a freeware and efficient duplicate file cleaner for Windows. Honestly it is a lot more than just a cleaner. It has more abilities. It scans the system for duplicate files and calculates the amount of disk space that is taken up. It also creates links with user defined files, deletes them directly, it moves duplicate files to different locations to verify whether system is working without the removed files. It can also compress files so save disk space.

How To Work With Dup Scout

Let’s come down to the process of how Dup Scout works. At first comes the main window of this software. But we first go to the command window to configure its work. In here we go to the find duplicate files option and select the location that is to be scanned. After this we can go to the exclude, speed, rules, and action tabs to filter the process.

If you are done with the settings click on the start button to start the scan. It lists out all the duplicate files along with details of number of duplicates, wasted space, and action performed. At the bottom of this main window there is another list showing all the extension of duplicate files this category can be changed by the pull-down menu which may be file size, access time, modified time, user name or file type.

If anyone wants to change the action taken on these files he can go to the action button on the tool bar and select anyone of the actions given on the list to be performed.

Dup Scout also features a visual analyzer with options of Pie and Bar chart for easier understanding of space allocation.

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