How to Enable/Disable GPU Acceleration in IE, Chrome & Firefox

27 March 2011 By Sourojit

All the latest commonly used web browsers now come with GPU acceleration support. This basically helps users to get optimum performance from their browsers. It improves the display quality and at times solves browser lag problems. But if you are using an outdated system with no or older dedicated graphics card, then this browser feature can prove to be lot heavier.

Most of the browsers by default come with GPU acceleration enabled. If you want to disable this setting due to any problem you might be facing, it can be easily done with a few steps. So lets see how it can be done in latest versions of Popular browsers like IE 9, Chrome and Firefox.

Internet Explorer 9

In IE 9 GPU acceleration is enabled by default. If you want to disable it then IE settings. After opening settings move on to the Advanced tab. Here the first option is Accelerated graphics. Under this tick on the check box Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering. After this restart IE 9. This will disable hardware GPU acceleration on IE 9. Similarly it can be re enabled again by un checking the option.

Google Chrome

To enable/disable GPU hardware acceleration is Google chrome to have to enter Chrome’s configuration page. To bring up this page type about:flags in address bar and hit enter.

By default this feature is disabled in Chrome. On the configuration page find out these the above options and enable them. After enabling them you will require a restart. If you face difficulty in handling after setting is enabled, disable it following the same method.


To enable hardware acceleration on Firefox, go to firefox configuration page by typing about:config in browser’s address bar.

Now in the filter search for gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled. Set the value to true from default value which is false. restart your browser after this is done.

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