How to Download All Images from a Webpage in Firefox

24 March 2011 By Sourojit

Nowadays everyone download a lots of images. General practice is that we right click on the image and do Save Image As. This is acceptable if you are doing it for single image occasionally. But if you have to download several images from a webpage then it is a very laborious option. Basically we go for some add-ons to do this job. But it is necessary that the add-on does not save unwanted images of the web sites or the thumbnails.

Image Download II is a useful Firefox add-on in this respect. It is simple and provides us with options of which image to download. It also helps us to eliminate the unwanted images of the website.

Image Download II provides us with some filters that allow us to select images for downloading. When this add-on is installed, appears under the Firefox Menu as “save images to”. When you click on this option you have to select either to browse webpage for new images or set up rules.

There are mainly two tabs to configure the filtering. The first one is Save File. This holds all the primary settings of the filter. You can create new profiles and link them to a folder. The first option here is to set the limit of image resolution to be downloaded in pixels. When saving, images having resolution below this will not be saved. Setting the file extensions will allow you to scan images of those extensions.

Then if you want you can save the batch of images in separate folders with time. You can check the box for the option “notify when finished” to get informed when the images are finished saving.

The next tab that is there is the Exception Rules. It contains rules that are based on file names, web urls or expressions. This is particularly helpful to eliminate static images if you save images from one website regularly.

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