How to Color Firefox Tabs Automatically According to Websites

22 March 2011 By Sourojit

Some of us do a lot of work online each day and may be on the same websites. Usually such people are likely to work with the help of number of sites. This often makes them open all these sites at the same time on their system. The result is that a number of tabs are lined up on their browser. When this happens we can observe that to distinguish one tab from the other only the website’s favicon and the first letters of the page title is there. Only thing that is displayed is the currently opened tab on which we are working.

It will be very convenient if we can use a tool that can make all the tabs opened far more easily distinguishable. And we can differentiate better if they are differently colored. So let us see this new FabTabs, an automatic tool that allows us to differentiate tabs as per their website color.

FabTabs is a small Firefox extension. It judges the tab color mainly from the dominating color of the site or the color picked by the configured screen shot that it uses in case multiple color is available. Now let us proceed to the steps that we need to observe to color our tabs.

In the settings of this Fab Tab there are three options Color, Screen shot and Miscellaneous. Under Color Tab we find all the setting about the color. First sub option is color matching strength; it takes into account similar color so that in the end the color with the highest value becomes the dominant color. Hue and saturation is self explanatory. Tab opacity and active tab opacity and contrast threshold for white text are some other options that you can configure.

The next tab is Screen shot. This is important. The X and Y are the coordinates of the starting points of the screen shot. The other two put limit to its length and breath. If the size of the shot is big then it draws more processing power.

To avoid this cache need to be activated under the next option. Usually FabTab takes a low resolution screen shot, i.e. the header part of the web site is mainly on focus. But this may lead to wrong deduction of dominant color especially if the dominant color is not on the header and somewhere else.

The last tab is known as Miscellaneous. Here is where we enable cache to store the dominant color as per the site name so that every time there is no need to take screen shot and waste processing speed.

Right clicking on the tabs you will also get options to recolor tab or recolor all tabs. These options can be used to reset the color of tabs if they are not appearing properly.

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