How to Change Drive Letter of Local, USB and Network Drives

4 March 2011 By Sourojit

Usually drive letters are assigned by the system and normally they differ from one system to another. Therefore if you are working on multiple systems it gets difficult to remember which drive is represented by which letter on which system. The task of remembering which drive is what can become a bit easier if we can set the letter that represent each drive as per our convenience.

Drive letter view is a free software that can help us achieve this. What it does is, it lists out all the drive letters assigned for the system which includes local drives, remote network drives, removable cd/dvd drives and usb drives. So now we can see what letters are representing which drive.

The utility of the Drive letter view is not restricted to simple listing of drives, it can also list out drives that are disconnected from the system like network drives and disconnected usb drives. This feature of listing can be further optimized if we can do more things with the list it provides. Drive letter view allows us to export the list of all the drives into text/csv/html/xml file which may be helpful later.

Drive letter view is a portable application, hence it requires no installation. All you have to do to start using it is run the executable file. When it runs it gets all the drives that are present on the system even when the drives are disconnected. The drives that are disconnected can be easily be differentiable when viewing as they are marked differently in the list with connection status.

Drive letter view is simple and easy to work with. User has to select the desired drive letter and go to the option “change drive letter”. If you want to delete letter assigned to a drive, you can select the drive letter and select the option “delete drive letter”. It will remove the drive from the list.

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