How to Batch Convert DOC, EXCEL and PPT to PDF Format

16 March 2011 By Sourojit

Considering portability and protection, we all prefer PDF files. Let us see what the advantages of a PDF format files are for us. Firstly PDF is a very simple format that can be handled by most of the system. Then compared to a PPT this format’s file is lesser in file size. PDF can be easily compressed and also be sent from one place to the other easily. Another very important feature of a PDF is that it can be password locked, this is a very big advantage for those how wishes to keep their documents safe. You can also compress it and put password and then send it over any network without having to worry about its security or size of upload.

Thus it is very natural that we will want our files to be in a PDF format. It will be of great help if we can also convert our PPT files to PDF. Then the space taken by the files of PPT and portability of it increases many folds.

Moyea PPT to PDF converter is free software that can be installed in your system easily. You can use it to convert PPT, DOC, or Excel to PDF format. This gives a very wide range of performance to this stand-alone tool. It can also help you change color or settings of the file and even compress it. Also an important thing about this software is that its quality of conversion is very good.

The functioning of this software is very simple. After installing we need to go to the window and click on the add button. This will select a file that needs to be converted.

This tool supports batch conversion of a number of files together. So you can add multiple files at a time and perform batch conversion.

After this you will be required to add the destination folder of these PDF’s after they have been finished. If it is desired then you can go to the settings to change the layout of the PDF that may be landscape or portrait, specify color options, change fonts or give command to compress the final files.

If you are through with these procedure then click on the convert button and the software will change the PPT files to PDF files. For each PPT a separate PDF file is created. It is efficient and works fast, the overall time of task completion depends on the total number of tasks added.

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