How to Add Useful Programs to My Computer Explorer in Windows

23 March 2011 By Sourojit

Most of us are satisfied with what settings we have in our system. Especially we don’t bother about the Start Menu. But some would like to make some changes in it. This simply makes their work much more convenient. The people concerned may be those who use Windows file manager frequently or wants fast access to device manager, printers or network connections. It will be very useful if we can have links of our most visited places on the Windows explorer.

There is a chance of doing so by the help of computer customizer. It is a simple program that will allow you to change settings in Windows explorer. To be more specific the change is in the My Computer or Computer for the Windows 7 users. Generally what we see here is all the hard drives and removable storage devices only.

Usually there are not much items under this header to keep it clean and easy to understand. The reason being that most of us have very few hard drives and also removable storage devices.

Now what Computer Customizer does is pull links of selected items from its window to the computer display. Computer Customizer’s window has broadly two headers one common items and the second for other items.

There are checkboxes in front of each items, by checking or un checking them we can change the link of these items on the windows explorer. After you have checked the items that you want, click apply button.

These items will now automatically appear in the Computer explorer Window below the hard drives. It may require refreshing of the current page. Some may think that adding the items here will make them inaccessible in any other place in the operating system. But it is not so, they can still be accessed. This is just an alternative way to get quick access to those items that you use frequently.

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