Guide to Run Old & Incompatible Add-ons on Firefox 4

22 March 2011 By Varun

Mozilla has launched the latest iteration of their web browser, Firefox 4. We all know that Firefox 4 brings lot of much needed features to the table, but what if your old Firefox add-ons doesn’t work with Firefox 4? To solve your problem here is a small guide to run old & incompatible add-ons with Firefox 4.


There are two different methods to solve this issue. The first and the simple one requires you to install an add-on from Mozilla named Compatibility Reporter which automatically sets-up Firefox to be used with incompatible add-on.

You can also tweak a Firefox setting in order to make things right. For this you need to type about:config in the address bar and press Enter. A warning message will pop-up, read it and click “I’ll be carefull, I promise!”. Now right click anywhere on the blank space on the page. Select New >> Boolean. Enter extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0 as the preference name and click OK. Now select False and again click OK.

Both the methods works fine. So you can choose any of the above mentioned methods. Enjoy.

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