F.3.A.R Official Story Trailer Released [Video]

31 March 2011 By Varun

Many of you must be eagerly waiting for F.3.A.R, the extreme horror shooter from IGN & WBGames. Following the pre-release process IGN has released a story trailer of the game. The trailer didn’t looked much scary to me, but since it is a story trailer so the emphasis is on, well, story.

According to the official description from IGN, the trailer shows what happens when bad people are allowed to have babies. In F.3.A.R you along with your brother, will try to find your way to your mother, Alma. We have already shown you the glimpses of Almaverse which was quite scary. Now here is the story of Alma and her family depicted by Halloween’s John Carpenter and 30 Days of Night’s Steve Niles.

FEAR 3 Release Date

F.3.A.R was expected to release in Q1 2011, but now it will scare the hell out of us on May 29.

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