AMD Releases Their High-End Graphics Card Radeon HD 6990

9 March 2011 By Varun


After its leaked specs, AMD has finally released their high-end offering HD 6990 to the public. AMD claims it to be the fastest graphics card in the world as this beast scored astounding P11865 in 3DMark11 benchmark. The reason of this great power comes from dual HD 6970 GPUs on the same board. It can power 6 screens at their maximum resolution and also has dual BIOS for overclocking and normal operations with a flippable switch.

In a related news, iBuyPower has officially announced that it will incorporate AMD Radeon HD 6990 in their gaming systems.

HD 6990 Price & Features

  • 830MHz default clock speed and 880MHz overclocked speed
  • 4GB GDDR5 memory @ 1250MHz
  • 3072 stream processors
  • 192 texture units
  • supports up to 6 displays
  • DisplayPort 1.2 with max. resolution of 2560×1600 per display
  • Requires 750Watts or higher SMPS
  • Price: $699

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