Many of you must be eagerly waiting for F.3.A.R, the extreme horror shooter from IGN & WBGames. Following the pre-release process IGN has released a story trailer of the game. The trailer didn’t looked much scary to me, but since it is a story trailer so the emphasis is on, well, story. Continue Reading →

Mozilla has released Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo platforms. This version of Firefox only runs on specific devices running Android 2.0 and above and powered by ARMv7. Check out list of supported devices. Continue Reading →


If you are having both Mac OS X and Windows, and using their Office suites, that is, iWork and MS Office then you would be familiar with format issues with them. Both these office suites work on different operating systems and as a result saves files in different formats. There are various apps that can convert formats for you, but what if you want to send files to someone else who is using the other suite. This problem can be solved from online service Zamzar, by following some easy steps. Continue Reading →

When it comes to books, most of us prefer to go for reading eBooks as it’s far more convenient to access from any part of the world and we need not carry them physically. Also more number of books can be stored electronically. In this world as the popularity of eBook is increasing people are using e-readers, smart phones, desktops, laptops, tablets to read them. But the problem arises when we need to keep them organized especially if someone is in constant habit of downloading and reading. The books in our system get messed up and hence very difficult to manage and store. People generally go for Kindle store. Continue Reading →

All the latest commonly used web browsers now come with GPU acceleration support. This basically helps users to get optimum performance from their browsers. It improves the display quality and at times solves browser lag problems. But if you are using an outdated system with no or older dedicated graphics card, then this browser feature can prove to be lot heavier. Continue Reading →


Couple of weeks back AMD Radeon 6990 claimed the title of the world’s fastest graphics card, but its reign has just been ended by NVIDIA with its latest ultrahigh-end graphics card GTX 590. NVIDIA, very proudly, claims this card as the world’s fastest graphics card, and also says it to be the quietest of all dual GPU cards, recording mere 48dB on full load. Claims aside, let’s take a look at some numbers. Continue Reading →

Nowadays everyone download a lots of images. General practice is that we right click on the image and do Save Image As. This is acceptable if you are doing it for single image occasionally. But if you have to download several images from a webpage then it is a very laborious option. Basically we go for some add-ons to do this job. But it is necessary that the add-on does not save unwanted images of the web sites or the thumbnails. Continue Reading →


Opera Software has updated its line of Mobile browsers by releasing OperaMini 6 and OperaMobile 11 for various mobile operating systems. Both of these browsers are widely used on mobile platforms. While OperaMini is preferred by those who want to cut their data charges as it compresses web pages on server end, OperaMobile works more like a desktop browser, and OperaMobile 11 is even compatible with HTML5. Continue Reading →

Most of us are satisfied with what settings we have in our system. Especially we don’t bother about the Start Menu. But some would like to make some changes in it. This simply makes their work much more convenient. The people concerned may be those who use Windows file manager frequently or wants fast access to device manager, printers or network connections. It will be very useful if we can have links of our most visited places on the Windows explorer. Continue Reading →

Mozilla has launched the latest iteration of their web browser, Firefox 4. We all know that Firefox 4 brings lot of much needed features to the table, but what if your old Firefox add-ons doesn’t work with Firefox 4? To solve your problem here is a small guide to run old & incompatible add-ons with Firefox 4. Continue Reading →

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