Prophet’s Journey: Latest Trailer of Crysis 2 [Download]

26 February 2011 By Varun


Last time when EA launched Be The Weapon trailer of Crysis 2, they showed the powers integrated in Nanosuit 2. Now the company has released a new trailer of Crysis 2, Prophet’s Journey. This time around EA has revealed storyline of the game. I will not take the fun away from you by telling you the story, but yes, I would like to praise the visuals in the game. Destroyed New York City looks pretty much real as well as weapons, Nanosuit2, and characters. All-in-all graphics in this game are as good as they come.

You can download Crysis 2: Prophet’s Journey trailer from here

Download Crysis 2 Demo

If you want to play Crysis 2 demo on your PC then you can download it on March 1 (read full article here), download links will be added soon.

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