Download & Play Crysis 2 Demo For PC on March 1

18 February 2011 By Varun


Crysis 2 is now nearing to its final release, and as a routine, demo versions are now being released for various platforms. Crytek along with Microsoft has already released Crysis 2 Demo for Xbox 360. For the PC gamers, Crytek has announced that Crysis 2 Demo will be made available from March 1 onwards.


Here are some of the details about Crysis 2 demo for PC:

  • 2 Maps: Pier 17 and Skyline.
  • Open environments with few covers.
  • 2 game modes: Crash Site and Team Instant Action.

Download Crysis 2 Demo

Once released, Crysis 2 demo can be downloaded from game’s official site, accompanied by several other sites. Keep checking back for further updates and download links.


Download Crysis 2 Demo for PC from here

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