Sony Takes Geohot and fail0verflow to Court for Releasing PS3 Hack

12 January 2011 By Shashank

Sony's legal action

We were wondering what Sony’s reaction will be to the PS3 hacking scene, well just hours ago Sony has served legal papers to Geohot, fail0verflow, 27C3 hacking conference lecturers and 100 others. SCEA have also demanded a motion to be carried out for TRO(Temporary Retraining Order) which if passed, will have jailbreaks and other PlayStation 3 hacking stuff removed from the web.

Read more about the Sony’s E-Filing at psx-scene

Excerpt’s from Gehot’s IRC Chats – ps3news

geohot: they expect me to be in San Francisco tomorrow at 9am :/
geohot: they also say i am taking donations, which i am not
geohot: and that i have a twitter, which i do not
geohot: moving to spain 😛
geohot: old index page and has been restored to
geohot: i assure you i am taking this matter very seriously
geohot: after reading the documents and consulting with my legal team, i have decided to repost the information and jailbreak
geohot: the tro is proposed, not signed
geohot: if the court signs off on the tro, i will comply with the courts decision
geohot: whats ironic is the program to get the metldr key was run under otheros
geohot: 100% legally on 3.15, nothing was circumvented

via Geohot [SCEA Complaint]

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