Sony Unveils NGP: Next Generation Portable Console System

27 January 2011 By Shashank

Sony NGP

Recently in Tokyo, Sony unveiled its latest creation, a Next Generation Portable entertainment system, it’s a big brother of PlayStation Portable(PSP) with all the new tech advancements like capacitive multi-touchscreen, dual analog sticks, dual cameras etc. This is a major breakthrough in the portable entertainment, the hardware specifications of NGP fits nicely into the well crafted design as well, and I’m sure fans will approve it for the PSP2 title. Read on for the full NGP specs, release date and price details.

PSP2 Hardware Specs (Codenamed NGP), Official name yet to be decided.

  • 5 inch OLED Display, Resolution 960 x 544
  • CPU: ARM Cortex A9 Quad core
  • GPU SGX543MP4+
  • Multi-touch support, Multi-touch at rear. Type: Capacitive
  • Dual Analog Sticks(Finally, Thank you Sony)
  • Dual Cameras, Front and Back
  • Triple motion sensors, Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Digital Compass
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and 3G
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  • Microphone
  • Stereo Speakers
  • PSN Access
  • PSP and PSN title support

PSP2 Release Date

Q4, 2011, Exact release date unavailable.

PSP2 Price

PSP2 price is unavailable at this time. We predict it to be somewhere around $250.

Do you like the design of NGP?, let us know in comments.

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rypafire says:

i love everything about this new PSP and can’t wait to have one. the question now is can this be hacked? 😉

UdiT says:

WOW!!…this is it…this is what i was waiting for..
Goin to get one as soon as it gets launched..

Lonniec says:

Na this version use google google android 2x os build in nearly hard to hack, I’m pretty sure they don’t want hacker to touch psn network with build in gps system by FCC law, plus they start use iPad processor core, which is 4 processor quad core, and on top of that they improve gnu on OpenGL which mean this device very cost nearly like ps3.

rishab says:

yes ..the main question is -its hack!:)

Ben Woodacre says:

It sounds great I might get one myself 🙂

ella says:

i love this psp so much. it makes me dsi look like something i got in a cereal box. srrl ngp doesn’t stand for only Next Generation Portable it also stand for Nintendo Got Pwned

XerveX says:

From ella: i love this psp so much. it makes me dsi look like something i got in a cereal box. srrl ngp doesn’t stand for only Next Generation Portable it also stand for Nintendo Got Pwned

♦♦Love what you said…^_^
◘i like the specs, specialliy the UI, it so illegant and what i wanted to ask is the capacity of the battery on how long it will last?

♦♦in tokyo, they stated that “This is as powerful as PS3 system” so that means, instead of getting PS3 why not get NGP… TOINK…heheheh… just joking… none is better that the other coz they have their own exclusive features

Official_Boy says:

Hand’s On For PSP2 NGP…..

ch412 says:

price of ngp???????reply please!!!!

ch412 says:

when ngp released in indonesia????

XerveX says:

there’s no exact information bout the price… but according to it’s price is near PS3..

Parth Desai says:

its……. so amezing. iam so impershed with ngp.some can tell me its price in indian ruppe. if yes so conetect me online.

Derek says:

i guess this one doesn’t need to be hacked.. since it has the same style with android which has a lot of freedom.. i guess.. we still can download paid games by copying from other devices.. like what happen in android now.. we can have free paid apps and games. so it’s still cool.. hahaha..

anil says:

now it name changed to VITA

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