Playstation 3 Custom Firmware Released

5 January 2011 By Shashank

Playstation 3 has entered into a new world of homebrews, with Kakarato announcing the first build of PS3 Custom Firmware, but for now it doesn’t do much, it just adds an option of “Install Package Files” in the Game XMB menu. The important bit is that now with fail0verflow tools and PS3 root key, custom firmware can be created for any version of PS3, be it v3.41 or the latest v3.55 firmware.

Using the PS3 utilities available at fail0verflow github you can create custom firmwares but it requires Linux, But don’t worry  downloadable PS3 Custom firmware’s are already available and more to follow soon.

Download PS3 CFW for firmware 3.55

CFW v3.55 download | Filesize: 170.71

This just adds “Install Package Files” to XMB for signed packages.

How to Install Custom Firmware on PS3

Plug the USB drive having CFW file PS3UPDAT.pup in PS3 using this structure /PS3 /UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP, now go to Settings -> System Update for installation.

If you are upgrading from a lower version you might need to use PS3 Recovery Menu for CFW installation.

We will update this post with new PS3 Custom Firmwares as soon as they become available.

Via Kakaroto

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