Open Files With Unknown Extension With Smart File Advisor

28 January 2011 By Sourojit

There are lots of files that we come across daily. These files can be audio, video, document or multimedia files. If these files are of known extensions like .txt, .jpeg, .doc, then it becomes easier for a general user to run these files without any problem. But if you happen to come across a file which Windows does not recognize and you have no idea what to do next then this article will save you from the trouble.

Windows cannot recognize a file because it does not have a appropriate program to run that particular file. Getting a program to open unknown file extensions is very easy but takes lot of time as you have to make series of searches on Google. Previously we had covered, a simple desktop application to search for appropriate program to run an unknown file. Smart File Advisor is a also a similar application that can be of help.

Smart File Advisor helps in searching for programs for running a file with unknown extension. It is easy to use and the only thing you need to do is click on open with after right clicking on the file. Once done, you will get option to search the extension on or lew Windows program handle it.

Using the first option you can get extensive information on the file extension and some related extensions that are existing. You just need to click on the file extension you are having to get appropriate programs and their download link.

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