Mac App Store Surpasses 1 Million App Downloads, Gets Hacked too.

7 January 2011 By Shashank


Appleā€™s Mac App Store which was unveiled yesterday has already surpassed the 1 million Mac App downloads and surprisingly has been hacked for pirated apps too. Mac App Store had over 1,000 applications available at the time of launch and more are expected soon. The new Mac App Store has been designed on the lines of successful iTunes App Store which is more of a reason of its quick popularity and the users were quite excited about it.

Now as its live you can download your Apps directly on your Macbooks, iMacs from the App Store just like you do it on your iPhone without the need of optical media.

You will need to update your Mac software to latest OS X v10.6.6 to enjoy the new Mac App Store.

Download Mac Apps Online from Mac App Store

Mac App Store Link

Mac App Store Hacked

In another news, Mac App Store has already been hacked and pirated Mac Apps have already started pouring in as free downloads. One such App is the Angry Birds which is now freely available on hacked Mac App Store.

We will keep you updated.

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