How to Add Sticky Notes to Web Pages in Firefox

27 January 2011 By Sourojit

If you like to browse internet for latest information and updates, then  you must come across a lot of websites each day. There are many websites which you may like or dislike and it becomes difficult to mark the actual task we want to search for in a particular website if not done at the same time.

To simplify this we can add sticky notes on websites or any particular webpage with FloatNotes. In these notes we can jot down points to remember or to-do tasks. This basically helps us in remembering the task later. It also helps others using the same system to find out the usefulness of the webpage without wasting their time.

If you are a Firefox user then this task can be easily done with FloatNotes. It is a small Firefox extension that will help you to create notes for webpages.

Using FloatNotes to Create Sticky Notes

Once you install FloatNotes from the above link and restart your browser, It appears beside the address bar. It gives options to manage notes, reload notes and to configure the plug-in. We will come to the configuration part later.

Now once this plug-in is installed you can make sticky notes straight away on any webpage just by right clicking on the page. This option will probably appear at end of Firefox context menu.

Selecting the create note option pops out a small window where you can write important notes for the webpage. It is flexible i.e you can easily drag it to any position on the webpage.

Once the note is made you can drag it to desired screen location. When you hover your mouse on the box, you will find that there are 3 options.

The first option allows you to pin the note at a specific position on the screen. Doing this the note will be static at a specified position irrespective of the scrolling done on the webpage. With the second option you can quick customize color, location and conditions where the note should be displayed.

Configuring FloatNotes

You can always do some quick configuration from the note box toolbar as shown in previous step. If you want this to be pre-configured, then it can be done from preferences selecting from the icon beside address bar.


Here you can select the box size manually by giving the width and height, its color and also the font size.


Here you can pre-define default location where the note should pop up. These locations can always be changed from the quick customize tool present on the note box.


Here you can configure the view options of note box. You can either make it permanently visible or fade out after specified time. Other options can be configured accordingly.


You can configure to get notifications before deleting any note or get warnings whenever you try to make notes on websites not supported by FloatNotes.


This is a very useful option. With it you can synchronize FloatNotes with Firefox sync feature. This will help to access your notes from anywhere.

It is a very handy plug-in and works with the latest version of Firefox. If you are struggling with remembering the key features of a website or webpage then FloatNote is at your rescue. Do share your opinion in comments.

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I’m just wondering if you know which option in Firefox Sync needs to be selected to sync my notes. Is it bookmarks, passwords, preferences? Thanks in advance.

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