GTVHacker Dev Team Jailbreaks Google TV, Runs Hulu [Video]

12 January 2011 By Varun


After a long wait of three months, a group of hackers named GTVHacker Dev Team has finally jailbroken Google TV to claim the $1000 bounty announced by developer Howard Harte. This jailbreak is based on several software and hardware hacks. The hack includes opening up the Logitech Revue unit, and it even needs some tickling with the circuit board wires, making this hack a bit more complex than most people’s liking.

The guys at GTVHacker Dev Team also posted a demo video on YouTube displaying a jailbroken Google TV unit. Here’s the video of jailbroken Google TV:

According to Howard Harte, this jailbreak opens up the entire Android app market for the device. To add to that, in near future you will be able to easily run streaming services like Hulu and many more, on your Google TV.

You can click here to read the steps to root and install applications on Logitech Revue.

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