2 Freeware Applications to Change Windows 7 Default Library Icons

10 January 2011 By Sourojit

Changing Windows 7 default library icons manually is not an easy task. Windows 7 libraries consists of places like  Documents, Music, Video and Pictures, these are the locations where windows saves your tasks by default according to the category. If you are bored of the default library icons and do not want to go through tedious manual task then using a third-party application is the best thing you can do.

Following are 2 free and easy to use applications that will help you to perform this task easily.

Library Icon Changer:

Library Icon Changer is a portable application. With it you can either change icon from default system dll files. It also gives you options to select custom icon from files. To use this functionality you must have custom .ico files at hand.

Using this application is easy, only thing that you have to do is select the library icon which you want to change and then selecting an icon with which you want to change. If you do not like any changes made, they can be easily reverted and restored to default.


7LiBraryIconsChanger is a also handy in case you do not prefer the previous application. There is not much difference between functionality provided by both the applications. With this utility you have to do the same process for changing default icons. Only difference that you may notice is that it does not provide default system dll files to select icons from. It also comes with 2 icon files which you can use directly. To apply changes you can restart explorer from within

Both the applications are equally good in their task. But if you do not have any custom icons before hand then you can try 7LiBraryIconsChanger as it comes with additional icons.

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Of course they are the same..it’s the same code…just a different UI 🙂

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