Media Streaming sites like YouTube and Grooveshark are popular and rich sources to meet our entertainment requirements online. One can easily watch videos or listen to music on these websites without the need of any registration or creating an account.

Performing the above mentioned tasks alone is easy. But it’s always fun to do certain tasks with friends together. For instance, watching a funny video on YouTube or listening to a new album release. Sharing links can be one way to share interesting stuffs with friends but what if you want to enjoy those moments together with friends? Yes this can be easily done with Surf2gether. Continue Reading →

There are lots of files that we come across daily. These files can be audio, video, document or multimedia files. If these files are of known extensions like .txt, .jpeg, .doc, then it becomes easier for a general user to run these files without any problem. But if you happen to come across a file which Windows does not recognize and you have no idea what to do next then this article will save you from the trouble. Continue Reading →

Sony NGP

Recently in Tokyo, Sony unveiled its latest creation, a Next Generation Portable entertainment system, it’s a big brother of PlayStation Portable(PSP) with all the new tech advancements like capacitive multi-touchscreen, dual analog sticks, dual cameras etc. This is a major breakthrough in the portable entertainment, the hardware specifications of NGP fits nicely into the well crafted design as well, and I’m sure fans will approve it for the PSP2 title. Read on for the full NGP specs, release date and price details.

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After taking Geohot to court, Sony has now rolled out a new firmware update v3.56, the firmware has nothing new for the users except for the fact that it now kills all the recent homebrew available for PS3 firmware v3.55, now before you can use homebrew again, all the third party homebrews like multiMAN, Emulators etc. will have to be patched again. This is a minor update with security patch that includes a new .self file with unknown key inside.

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If you like to browse internet for latest information and updates, then  you must come across a lot of websites each day. There are many websites which you may like or dislike and it becomes difficult to mark the actual task we want to search for in a particular website if not done at the same time.

To simplify this we can add sticky notes on websites or any particular webpage with FloatNotes. In these notes we can jot down points to remember or to-do tasks. This basically helps us in remembering the task later. It also helps others using the same system to find out the usefulness of the webpage without wasting their time. Continue Reading →


In the recent past Nintendo 3DS made a lot of news because of being the first handheld console to display glassless 3D videos, and after waiting for so long Nintendo has finally announced 3DS launch date for US & European customers. The handheld will be released on March 27 in US with a price tag of $249.99, while European gamers can get their hands on the device on March 25(price not available yet). Continue Reading →

In the last few days, a lot of PS3 homebrew tools were released. New versions of Backup managers, Emulators are now available for the PS3 firmware 3.55. With the latest PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55 you can now backup your owned PS3 games to PS3 hard drive and can play them without going through the trouble of changing Blu-ray discs. In this tutorial we will show you how to copy your PS3 games from Blu-ray to PS3 hard disk using the multiMan backup manager.

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Yesterday a new PS3 custom firmware developed by Kmeaw was released that is easy to install and unlike waninkoko’s CFW, is perfectly safe too. Here we will be providing you step by step instructions for installing the latest custom firmware v3.55 on PS3. The instructions are quite easy to follow even for the beginners. Kmeaw CFW 3.55 also supports backup managers using a lv2 patcher which must be executed everytime you wish to run the backup managers.

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Sometime back Razer launched its Tron inspired mouse and mat for hardcore gamers and Tron fans. Now even Indian gamers will get to enjoy these latest desktop accessories as Razer has finally announced these devices for Indian market too. What this means is that Indian gamers can now grab these devices from online and local retail stores as well. Continue Reading →

This is the most latest news in the PS3 hacking scene, yesterday Flukes1 released the lv1/lv2 Peek/Poke Tools and now just minutes ago, Waninkoko has released the latest Custom Firmware v3.55 for PS3 that allows the installation of homebrew applications. Even the PS3 game backups could be run using this firmware, however we have yet to see any dedicated backup manager for PS3 firwmare 3.55 that makes the loading of games and management easy for regular gamers.

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