ThrustMaster T500RS: Official Racing Wheel For Gran Turismo 5

6 December 2010 By Varun


For quite some time, Logitech has been the company making official racing wheels for Gran Turismo series, but the trend has ended now, as ThrustMaster is the new official racing wheel manufacturer for the latest Gran Turismo 5.

At the moment, a teaser is running on ThrustMaster website’s homepage. The company has not revealed any details about T500RS, but according to the rumors T500RS will cost as much as $500 excluding H-pattern shifter.

T500RS is expected to use magnetic sensor technology like in HOTAS Warthog controller. However, things will not get clear before CES 2011 which will be held from January 6 to January 9 2011, where ThrustMaster will uncover the details about GT5’s official racing wheel T500RS.

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daver says:

I’m simply gagging to spend $1000au or more for the official GT5 thrustmaster wheel, a high quality stand and the game. Obviously being mysterious is a winning form of product promotion but I don’t understand why. Thrustmaster (no.1 most embarrasing company name ever) don’t even have an Australian site. I’m about 30 seconds away from buying a G27 (or rather ordering it from EB games for delivery in a week for $600) anything you guys might tell me would be awesome. Thanks

senn says:

Don’t buy a G27 for $600. Look around for some PC hardware stores, i’ve seen it for as low as 500 recently. I dunno what state you’re in so i can’t tell you if the local place i use is any good 🙂

Dave says:

thanks for that. I’m in South Aus.
I guess I have to wait to see if the Thrustmaster really is “the s**t” but its killing me. I’m really surprised the game is released and the official wheel is just smoke. Thank you again for your advice.

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