Speedup Windows Default Copy Operation with Pause/Resume Support

25 December 2010 By Sourojit

With every new release of windows we come across bunch of new and useful features. The interface has become great in Windows 7 but still it lacks some basic features like the pause/resume feature in Windows copy operation.

To fill this gap many third party developers have released applications that makes copy operations much faster with several other small facilities to enhance the task. The best known application for this task is TeraCopy but this application is not free. So the next thing that we can do is find a free alternative application to perform this task. UltraCopier is just the tool you may be looking for.

UltraCopier allows you co configure many options related to copy operation like controlling copy speeds, drag and drop files to move to a specified destination, skipping files on errors etc.

This is a very useful tool and helps you perform other tasks smoothly on slower systems with copy operation going on. You can pause copy tasks also to perform small tasks in between.

Download: UltraCopier

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