Secure Delete Sensitive Files with Single Click

23 December 2010 By Sourojit

When we work with personal or sensitive files on our systems, we do not want any unauthorized access to those files. Using default Windows delete function to delete files is totally unsecured as they can be retrieved easily in moments by using any free recovery utility like Recuva. One of the best ways to make deleted files unrecoverable is to secure delete them. This can be done with help of RightDelete.

RightDelete is a freeware portable application for windows that can be used to secure delete files with a single click. Using this application is very simple as it integrates itself with windows context menu. Files can be deleted just by right clicking on them and selecting the secure delete option. Files can also be deleted by just drag and drop on the secure delete icon present on windows desktop. This is a must have tool for people working mostly on public computers like cyber cafe’s etc.

Download: RightDelete

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