PS3 Hacked by Fail0verflow

30 December 2010 By Shashank

PS3 permanent hack

Recent developments in the PS3 hacking scene has come with a real surprise, hackers at fail0verflow are claiming that they have figured out the “Private Key” used for code authorization that allows for application installation on PS3 systems which means they now have full PS3 system access at the highest level and as this is kind of a master key, the exploit is permanent.

This is not the first time Playstation 3 system got hacked, it was previously hacked via USB and was soon patched by a new PS3 firmware update, but this new exploit is a major one and we are waiting for Sony’s reaction to this. Soon more information will be available on fail0verflow website.

Once the exploit is publicly released you will be able to run Linux irrespective of your PS3’s firmware version, homebrews and even PS3 game backups which is an obvious side effect.

PS3 Hack Tools Release Date

According to fail0verflow’s twitter account, PS3 hacking tools will be released in January 2011.

Interesting Presentation Videos at the 27C3 conference – via psgroove

PS3 Hacking Tools Download
This space will be updated once the PS3 homebrew software tools are released.
PS3 Tools from fail0verflow can be downloaded from  here
First PS3 Custom Firmware has also surfaced, Download v3.55 CFW for PS3 here.
This firmware can be installed on top of PS3’s v3.55 firmware.

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