Open Unknown File Extensions with Desktop Tool

21 December 2010 By Sourojit

In day to day computer use we download lots of stuff from the internet. These downloaded files can be any thing falling in vast criteria of video, music, documents etc. Some times it may occur that we download a file which windows does not recognize by default. Hence windows cannot open these files using the default applications provided within it. For an advance computer user it is possible to recognize most of the new file extensions and download the suitable application to open the file but for a beginner it might not be that easy. Desktop Tool is an excellent tool for tasks like this. Desktop Tool is a free desktop client for the online service which allows you to search for applications to open given file extension. It is a obvious fact that using a desktop client is far convenient than using an online service as it reduces a lot of searching time that we spent online specially for people with low speed internet connection.

Using this application is extremely easy, it integrates itself with windows context menu and can be accessed by right clicking on any file format. It opens the file extension details with a list of suggested applications that can be used to open the file. It also shows pre-installed applications if any that are capable to open the file. Desktop Tool makes tasks easier by directly providing the application download link for the file type in question thereby saving time.

Download: Desktop Tool

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