Official Android 2.2 Firmware for Galaxy S Now Available [India]

1 December 2010 By Shashank

Galaxy S 2.2 firmware india

Samsung has finally rolled out the much awaited Android 2.2 firmware for Galaxy S users in India, the update which became live yesterday can be downloaded via latest version of Samsung Kies.

Android 2.2 brings  various features like installation of apps on external microSD card, Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, Flash 10.1 etc. Make sure you backup your important phone data before upgrading.

How to Update Samsung Galaxy S via Kies

Simply connect your Galaxy S using the Kies mode ( Settings –> About –> USB Settings – Kies mode)

After Kies detects the Galaxy S, click on the firmware upgrade button on the bottom right corner of the Kies software. It will present you with the following screen, After this it is pretty straight forward, see the screenshots below.

galaxy s upgrade step11

galaxy s upgrade step2galaxy s upgrade step3 galaxy s upgrade step4 galaxy s upgrade step5

Download Latest Samsung Kies

Download link

If you have access to the Android 2.2 JP6 firmware file you can also use this upgrade tutorial using Odin.

Kies not detecting Galaxy S problem and troubleshooting

Kies is famous for not detecting phones, so if unfortunately Kies doesn’t detect your Galaxy S try the following steps :

Backup your phone first.

  • If you’re using LauncherPro, disable it and use the stock launcher
  • Kill all other processes before entering into Kies Mode
  • Use the Driver Recovery option from the Kies Menu
  • Finally if nothing works, do the Factory Reset by going to Settings –> Privacy –> Factory data reset –> Reset phone

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Android 6 comments


Aarsh says:

it still not showing android 2.2 upgrade in kies for samsung galaxy s?

Shashank says:


are you using the latest Samsung Kies software?

Carlos says:

My Galaxy S has Android 2.1 update 1 and was trying to upgrade it to 2.2 via Kies (v I receive a message “This device’s version cannot be updated.” so I cannot proceed.
According to the information displayed on Kies I’ve: version PDA:JFF / PHONE:JF5 / CSC:JF7.

Does anyone knows how to overcome this situation? What is being validated by Kies?
My mobilie / Droid operating system are “oficial”, as it was bought…

Thank you in advance!

Peter says:

I cannot upgrade 🙁
When I plug in my phone it comes up in kies and informing me there is a new firmware. I click on “Upgrade” it starts downloading the firmware. After it`s completed window is disappear and phone disappear from left top side of kies from the list. After that a popup window comes up saying “Plugin: ” and some characters.
See link below for screenshot.
I`ve done it many times and it`s always the same.
Phone is brand new no apps on it. It has been set back to factory set but still the same.

I`m using win 7 home 64bit. Newest Kies just downloaded from samsung website. Phone is locked to Three 3G UK.
I`ve tried to install xp on my pc but it crashes at beginning of installation. 🙁

Any ideas?

JMP says:

@Peter: have a similar problem, using Win XP – after downloading the software from Samsung the upgrade software crashes with some unhandled exception. Wrote to Samsung tech support about it, they told me to upgrade various system components (.NET framework, Java Runtime, Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center) to latest versions. Didn’t have time yet to do it, you may try.

Peter says:

Hi.. finally I could upgrade..
I moved home recently and at first 3 weeks I have had no broadband at home. So I`ve used mobile broadband usb dongle during the upgrade. Firmware upgrade has crashed with a “Plugin” message (see my post above). So finally.. after home broadband installation I`ve given an another try for kies and it has done the job without error.
So ones with mobile broadband: get to a “internet cafe” and upgrade your device using wired broadband. 🙂

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