EA Releases First Trailer of Mass Effect 3

13 December 2010 By Varun


Earth is attacked by an alien race of big machines, which has captured most of the planet. No one knows their place of origin, reason of the attack, and anything else about this mysterious race. Commander Shepard goes for a final attempt to take back Earth. This is the kind of intro you get in the first trailer of upcoming RPG-shooter Mass Effect 3, video after the break.

Maintaining the legacy of it’s predecessors, the trailer looks just as good as you would expect from a Mass Effect title.

Mass Effect 3 Release Date

Mass Effect 3 is set for Q4, 2011 release and for the first time it will be released simultaneously on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

For PS3 owners Mass Effect 2 is due for release on Jan 18, 2011 which will also feature an interactive comic that will take the player through the events of Mass Effect 1.

Mass Effect 3 Trailer:

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Dana says:

I have always enjoyed EA games. I am sure this is going to be great as all the others.

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