KEmulator: Play Java Mobile Games on PC

21 December 2010 By Sourojit

If you are a crazy gamer and spend most of the time playing games on you mobile phone then some times it may be frustrating to discover some games simply do not run on your mobile due to some compatibility reasons. Now you can play these games easily on your PC using KEmulator.

KEmulator is a free java environment portable emulator for PC that allows you to play .jar games. Using this emulator is easy but before you can use it smoothly you need to configure its keys. Key mappings can be done from tools options according to your choice. Loading a game is easy and the game will start flawlessly as soon as it is loaded.

You can pause and resume games and perform other actions as you would have done in mobile phone. Though you can play mobile games without any restrictions, there will be no sound available as these games will not have access to windows sound. You can also try running applications but the applications which require hardware access like for recording sound or taking photo will give error.

Download: KEmulator

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