How to Root Android 2.2 [Galaxy S]

24 December 2010 By Shashank

This is an update to my earlier Galaxy S Rooting tutorial, since then the official Android 2.2 has been released by Samsung and various custom firmwares are now also available to install via ODIN. In this tutorial we will be rooting the Official Android 2.2 JP6 Firmware(Indian Version), firmwares of other regions can also be rooted using this tutorial.

Unlike the previous root method, this requires flashing of Single PDA file via ODIN which is not at all complex if you follow the steps below.

Step by step guide to Root Android 2.2 Galaxy S

Please note that every firmware requires a different CF-Root file, if you are on JPH, JPM firmwares you will require their respective CF-Root files which can be downloaded from here (Thanks to Chainfire). The rooting procedure is same for all.

  • Download ODIN, Double click on Odin exe file and keep it open
  • Switch Off your Galaxy S
  • Enter into Recovery mode by pressing Volume down, home button and power button at the same time for a few seconds
  • In Odin select your Root file named as CF-Root-JP6-v1.2-Busybox-1.17.1.tar using the PDA button, see screenshot below

Rooting Galaxy via ODIN

  • Connect your Galaxy S to your PC and Deselect Repartition, Odin screen should look like above. ID:COM tab should become highlighted.
  • Click on Start

rooting galaxy s via flashing

if done correctly:

and wait for Reboot, if your phone doesn’t restart within a few seconds or if it is stuck at “Download mode” with “Do not turn off target”, just hold power button for force restart after you have seen the “All threads Completed” in Odin, repeat the steps again. Remember to connect the Galaxy S to PC only after you’ve entered recovery mode with Odin open in PC.

That’s it, Congrats you have rooted your Galaxy S.

See Must Have Root Apps for Galaxy S

Tested this root on official Galaxy S JP6 firmware(Indian Version) and it works flawlessly.

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Android 42 comments


Dean says:

I have JPA firmware version. Will this rooting procedure be applicable?

Shashank says:

yes, just download the respective root file and follow the steps above,
for yours it should be, download it from xda forum link given in the guide.

Ej says:

hi can you give me the link where to get the CF-root file for JPA firmware?

Tom says:

Hello, Do you know if there is a root file for jpp?

Dean says:

Yeah, link for JPA CF-root file, please.. 🙂

Parth says:

how to unroot once i have rooted from this procedure?

David says:

Hi, I am unable get into the download mode by pressing volume down + home button + power button. Any other alternatives?

Ateh Aiman says:

Hi ShashanK,

same question here. Is there any root file for JPP. thnx.

Ateh Aiman says:

Hi All,

I’m just confused. how to know whether it is JPP or JPO. I mean which part need to refer. either Build number or baseband version?

Shashank says:

I think this should work

CF-rom for JPP firmware is not available but some people have posted success with, try if you baseband version is JPA but again i’m not sure.

from here

The old method of unrooting isn’t working. You will need to flash with stock firmware if you want to unroot as of now.

this 3 button fix might help

@Ateh Aiman
you could try this

Refer to build no. for most purpose, unless you are on custom ROMs.

Yogesh says:

Totally new to this….
Does this works on Samsung Galaxy i551? All i want to do is to install Apps on SD card rather than internal memory. Does rooting helps?

tenko says:


My sgs Build number FROYO.DXJPE
Which CF-Root should i use…


krish says:

how much time does it take to root once started?

Azorel says:

Will this work for I9000XXJPP and FROYO.XFJP7??
tnx in advance

Braydon says:

Hey, my samsung galaxy s firmware version is 2.2
Firmware version:19000UGJL2
Build Number: FROYO.UGJL2

how do i root it?

Ateh Aiman says:

hi Shashank,

thanx for guide. my build number is

and i think i’ll need to get

is that true?

Braydon says:

mine is 19000Ugjl2. What cf-root file would I use

Shashank says:

This is only for Galaxy S I9000, and search google for apps2sd with your mobile model.

You can either wait or can proceed with CF-root of JPH or JPK as these are the closest to your base kernel.

Rooting takes less than 30 seconds.

Yes it would work.

You could use this root file as this is the nearest

@Ateh Aiman
Yes you can try that, refer to this too

Yogesh says:

Thanks Shashank!

Braydon says:

Thanks ShaShank, but that still didn’t work… Nothing happened when i tried using the root file you suggested. in the messages it would say veryifying files i think , and would just stay at that.

Azorel says:

Thanks i used this technique and works great

Tuxx says:

I can confirm, that for JPP is working.

Aleksandar says:

please help me, what for is a rooting?? because i did that and now a can’t start my Samsung Galaxy S!!!

Takfar says:

Meh. I had the phone rooted ( method), but when it updated from 2.1 it un-rooted itself.

My phone shows Build number Froyo.BUJP8. Which file do you suggest I use for this method?

Thanks in advance;

Farrk says:

Hello, I tried to root my phone with this method but i got:
Odin v.3 engine (ID:7)..
Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
Odin v.3 engine (ID:6)..
File analysis..
File analysis..
File analysis..
Get PIT for mapping..
Firmware update start..
Complete(Write) operation failed.
I waited a while and nothing happened so i unplugged the phone. Now it shows only a Phone, dots, warning sign, and a computer. Anything I can do ?

Avatar says:

Mine gets stuck on:

Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
File analysis….

Brandon says:

i Have Build number FROYO.UGJL2 can i still root

Bobo says:

For the guys that got the phone, dots and computer thingie. Repeat the process but add this PIT file if you have XXJPO firmware and this if you have XWJM8 firmware. It worked for me.

luk says:

What about JPB which cf do i use

somchid says:

I have JPB firmware version. which CF file should I use?

John says:

Mine gets stuck on:

File analysis….


adhi says:

mine stuck… plz its vibrating man..i got new one last month..

Kasper says:

which should i use

Sid says:

My Captivate has the 2.2 FROYO.UCKB1 build. Everything goes fine until I click start on Odin. It stops at “file analysis”. Then it does nothing. Does the phone need to be in usb debugging mode?

kyutz says:

kindly please help me what CF files should i used for my galaxy s buid # GT-1900-eng 2.2 master 332 test-keys.332
thanks in advance and more power.

john says:

hi i tried using the JP6 frimware and i realized im nt using the right one.. then i tried to use the odin for the root and nothing happen, it just stick to the main screen and doesnt open at all. ( keeps vibrating and stuck up) i neeed help 🙁

Angad Jagtiani says:

Hi people it is possible to root any android phone running android 1.5 in just a few mins..
ive posted up the step by step info to root your android phone on my website

johnny r shanks says:

Iv got 2.2.1 froyo.bujs3 can this be rooted?

Yash says:

My Galaxy S’ build number is FROYO.JVJPF
Can’t find a root file for this build anywhere!

Peter says:

Will it work for I9000XXJPY? (FROYO.XFJS2)?

Zack says:

stuck on

Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
File analysis..

Please help!

Kedi says:

hi shashank
did this program work at samsung galaxy i551?
if it didn’t work, there are another program to root mine?

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