Batch Convert and Upload Images to FTP Servers

23 December 2010 By Sourojit

Converting images is a necessary task in certain situations. This task becomes tedious specially when we have dozens of images which needs to be resized and converted. Photo Magician is a freeware windows application which helps us to convert images in bulk to predefined resolutions quickly.

Using this application is extremely simple and things can be setup easily. It requires an input folder for images, you can put all images you need to convert in this folder. The output folder will consist of all the converted images.

You can either convert images to other formats or you can perform both resize and conversion. Photo Magician also supports a quick conversion tool where you can drag and drop images to convert an resize them to specific folders. After conversion you can also upload these images to FTP servers.

Features of Photo Magician:

  • Create customized profiles
  • You can Resize images by pixel size or by percentage
  • Image conversion using pre-defined profiles
  • Overwrite the original images
  • Exclusion of  images under certain file size or pixel size
  • Convert all images to single image format
  • Quick Convert Mode Allows you to drag images onto the hat to convert them quickly
  • Support for popular images formats and others including DDS, TARGA, RAW, PCX
  • Command line support
  • Uploading of converted images to FTP or social sites

Download: Photo Magician

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