Radical Image Optimization Tool: Batch Edit and Optimize Images

20 December 2010 By Sourojit

Editing photos is a task that we perform frequently. This task involves light retouch and optimizing images so that they can be easily used in various fields i.e inserting them in presentations, sharing them on social networking sites etc. Editing or retouching image can be done with lot of free image editors available nowadays but image compression is necessarily required at times to reduce size of images without loosing quality. Radical Image Optimization Tool, popularly known as RIOT is a perfect tool for this job.

RIOT is a windows freeware application that can be used to edit images and compress images without a hassle. It is easy to use with a simpleĀ  user interface. Images can be loaded into it just by dragging and dropping or you can also use the conventional method of opening images from Menu.

It provides two windows to preview the active changes in real time. It supports batch image manipulation and images can be compressed easily keeping track of the quality. It supports a wide range of high resolution images, Photoshop PSD files and also RAW camera images. If you are using image editors like Gimp, IrfanView and XnView then this application can be attached as plug-in which is really beneficial.

Download: Radical Image Optimization Tool

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