Get Separate Mail Notifications for Business and Private Emails

30 December 2010 By Sourojit

Many people like to use separate emails for business and private purpose. Several desktop notification tools available today only provides notifications for single email accounts. If you wish to use two email accounts and get notifications simultaneously, You’ve Got Mail is a handy notifier to give a try.

You’ve Got Mail is a freeware desktop email notifier. Using this application is extremely easy. Only thing that you have to do is setup both accounts in configuration. You can also set different browsers to open these email accounts. The purpose of this feature is to separate both accounts if there are with same email service provider.

Features Of You’ve Got Mail:

  • Separate private and business email service
  • Email reporting with a balloon-tip in the system tray
  • Flexible configuration options of time intervals (minutes, hours) for email checking
  • One click opens your browser and your web mailbox
  • Shows number of messages in your mailboxes
  • Automatic startup
  • Manual option to check your mailbox at any time by just clicking on You’ve got Mail icon
  • Multi-browser support (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera). Each account uses different browser.

Download: You’ve Got Mail

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